Exhibition at
Oude Kerk

Mo - Sa 9.00 - 18.00

NB Th 2 June
13.00 - 18.00

Fr 28 May
13.00 - 16.00

H. Geestkerkhof 25
2611 HP Delft
0031 (0)15 212 30 15

Admission € 3,50 or


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The Figuratives

In the Oude Kerk of Delft, the oldest parish church of the city, there is a major exhibition of figurative ceramic art from both Dutch and foreign artists. The high roof space in this church and its serene atmosphere and impressive historic monuments form an excellent backdrop for the larger modern objects.

The theme that connects the artists is the effort of people to hold their own in our Western, individualised society. With all the information flows that offer a surplus of opportunities, you need to stake out your position as an individual. Where do you stand as a human being? Which choices do you need to make? The works speak of fear, uncertainty, aggression and loneliness. A realisation of the joint problems comes about by entering into a confrontation with what the sculptures produce.
The artists have been selected for their power of expression, quality and diversity and not necessarily on aesthetics. A group of fifteen artists was chosen to showcase variety and to maximise the impact on the public. This surprising and perhaps confrontational group exhibition renders the dividing line between art in ceramics and general visual arts into something insignificant.


Carolein Smit (NL), Gert Germeraad (NL/S), Guido Geelen (NL), Mariëtte van der Ven (NL), Nick Renshaw (NL/GB), Kim Simonsson (Finland), Tommi Toija (Finland), Marnix Hoys (B), Marc Janssens (B), Jindra Vokovà (CZ), Michael Flynn (GB) Peter Keizer (NL) Adriaan Rees (NL), Jackson Li (China), Pamela Leung (GB), Alessandro Gallo (I), Susan O’Byrne (GB), Jørgen Haugen Sørensen (DK).